Ketofit246 is a co- owned business focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle utilizing the keto diet. Our core team comprises of a competition prep and nutrition coach with over a decade of experience, recipe specialist, chefs, bakers, and advising medical practitioners. Our owners are intimately involved in every segment of our business. To guarantee quality, each keto meal has been developed and scrutinized in-house prior to adding to our online store. We, the owners, have personally vetted and selected every member of our supply chain, we have sampled and created each recipe with health and taste at the forefront, and with this we guarantee that each meal will be tasty and prepared fresh for delivery. We stand by our brand!


Busy lifestyle? No problem! We are here to support and add a sense of comfort and convenience to ensure your healthy lifestyle is successfully sustainable. With just a few clicks, you can have packaged nutrient-dense, tasty Keto meals delivered to your door.


Choose meals from our chef prepared menu. Each meal is cooked with high quality ingredients and satisfies our mantra that eating healthy can be delicious. It’s as easy as select, click, add to cart and repeat for a minimum of three meals.


We deliver to your door every Sunday! Our meals are prepared fresh and to order. We take the stress out of shopping, preparing and cooking your meals.


Bon appetit, you’ve received your meals! Meals can be warmed and eaten or frozen for later in the week. Either way it will be a meal to remember.